About us

Laser Care India, is an amalgamation of expertise, opportunities and quality excellence having presence in major cities of India. Since its inception in 2005, LCI has grown rapidly to become a global leader in hassle free solutions.

We at LCI have a strong faith in partnerships. We do not just share business with our valuable clients but also explore possibilities of doing the same together. In the very short span of time we met challenges, which have resulted in zero error in all aspects.


Our other Project:- Cabbylal

Our journey started in 2020, as we started thinking about the problem traveler facing. and we started CabbyLal from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India with just one vision to provide unbeatable value and peace of mind throughout your rental car journey.

We realised that TRUST is a big factor as we travel. with numerous information options available on travel, we are mostly confused with what to do and what not. Apart from this planning and execution consumes a lot of time. So we are on a mission to bring together everything that you need as a traveler. We envision “CabbyLal” as a platform that will enable the traveler’s to plan where to travel and how to travel with the most pocket-friendly options. You can select here vehicle on rent of your choice.

We all love and listen to stories, don’t we? So, we built “Stories” as an option on our cabbylal.com that enables the traveler to read stories of fellow travelers and share their own stories to help others.

Mr. Ranjeet Karnal

Mr. Ranjeet Karnal is about 41 years old and post graduated in Business Management and active businessman at Indore. He is having well experience of business management and he had also taken active part in the Printer business which he is already running it. Now he is contributing his part in various fields of printers & fair papers.


The Laser Care India team consists of professionals with excellent technical and specialized qualifications in their respective sphere of responsibility, gained through working with reputed organizations.

They met stringent selection and recruitment criteria and been put through the company’s in-house and on-job training, and continuous training from our principals, all team members are capable of bringing good reputation for the company beside their own professional competence.

The corporate philosophy of delegated management ensures that team members quickly take on responsibility and are able to recognize and respond promptly to client’s requirements. The company encourages continuing professional education its team through a regular program of in-house and external training. The objective is to remain up to date with developments and innovations in the industry .

Our vision

To be the service partner of choice through our ability to add exceptional value to the brands and customers we support.


To meet our vision and maintain quality at all times

Services we offer